For Maritza My latina rose
For Maritza with love
your picture here
Beautiful and so inspiring!
The Sweetest Temptation
She is a rose in the night
Sweetest temptation of the wildest kind
The wind whispers your name to me
Blooming softly under the moonlight for all to see
Beautiful Maritza forever in the garden of life
Sweetest temptation with mysterious eyes

For a single kiss
I close my eyes
As she dances slowly in the light
I'd sell my soul to dance with her if that's the price

For my latina rose
The sweetest temptation is all the risk to take for her touch

The ecstasy
The flames that be
All the passion I see
Beauty caressed by her touch
Sensual but not just fantasy
I could spend a life time looking into her eyes
into her eyes..........

Thank you for inspiring me with your beauty inside and out.
I would dance with you anytime.

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